silly political sestina

The world began with the word and ended with the campaign.

There were no survivors, except a few zealots and bad goats.

And all that was left was the pharmaceutical lobbyists and their pills.

The survivors claimed their God was bipolar.

But the only chance on salvation depended on the last hippy.

She wanted to save the planet, but first had to discuss politics.


People on the left and right fought on night about politics.

Everyone lost the multi-million dollar campaign.

Some hoped the next president would be a stoned hippy.

Others blamed the whole ordeal on bad goats.

Everyone needed more bills and pills.

To save a country that was rapidly becoming more bipolar.


The lobbyists begged for more gun laws and more pills.

Big pharm got a bang for their buck from partisan politics.

The wealthiest CEO blamed the scheme on bipolar.

The volunteers refused to organize her campaign.

Congress was replaced by angry goats.

The protest was led by an angelic hippy.


The savior returned as a ganga smoking hippy.

He walked and water and turned bread into pills.

He promised the sheep a place in heaven, but said to hell with the goats.

Jesus sayeth, in heaven there will be politics.

And it shall come to pass, there will be a holy campaign.

Blessed are the neurotic. Blessed are those who hear voices. Blessed are the bipolar.


And in the beginning God created the normal and the bipolar.

The CEOS ruled the world, but the planet could’ve been saved by a hippy.

There wasn’t enough donations for the idealistic campaign.

There was only enough for operations and pills.

The masses starved, but nutrition took no priority over politics.

Republicans and Democrats boarded the plane and all the goats.


The world can’t have too much Prozac and goats.

It’s time to convert the intelligent and sedate the bipolar.

Then destroy another nation with a dose of politics.

There’s hope if the plutocrats screw the hippies.

The Democrats need their bills and pills.

The Republicans must have their holy campaign.


And it came to pass, America was overrun with bad goats.

Some were stoned and many were just bipolar.


The East, The West, the whole earth is bipolar.

Global peace is brought to you by Eli Lii’s pills.


Never mind another global crisis  anything can be solved with politics.

So let’s get started.  Please donate to my campaign.




About metamariegriffin

I'm a rebel, redneck, cat lover, and a SC explorer. I enjoy reading, writing, and taking long walks. Some of my favorite poets include: Rilke, Rumi, Yeats, T.S. Eliot, William Carlos Williams, Mary Oliver and many others.
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