silly political sestina

The world began with the word and ended with the campaign.

There were no survivors, except a few zealots and bad goats.

And all that was left was the pharmaceutical lobbyists and their pills.

The survivors claimed their God was bipolar.

But the only chance on salvation depended on the last hippy.

She wanted to save the planet, but first had to discuss politics.


People on the left and right fought on night about politics.

Everyone lost the multi-million dollar campaign.

Some hoped the next president would be a stoned hippy.

Others blamed the whole ordeal on bad goats.

Everyone needed more bills and pills.

To save a country that was rapidly becoming more bipolar.


The lobbyists begged for more gun laws and more pills.

Big pharm got a bang for their buck from partisan politics.

The wealthiest CEO blamed the scheme on bipolar.

The volunteers refused to organize her campaign.

Congress was replaced by angry goats.

The protest was led by an angelic hippy.


The savior returned as a ganga smoking hippy.

He walked and water and turned bread into pills.

He promised the sheep a place in heaven, but said to hell with the goats.

Jesus sayeth, in heaven there will be politics.

And it shall come to pass, there will be a holy campaign.

Blessed are the neurotic. Blessed are those who hear voices. Blessed are the bipolar.


And in the beginning God created the normal and the bipolar.

The CEOS ruled the world, but the planet could’ve been saved by a hippy.

There wasn’t enough donations for the idealistic campaign.

There was only enough for operations and pills.

The masses starved, but nutrition took no priority over politics.

Republicans and Democrats boarded the plane and all the goats.


The world can’t have too much Prozac and goats.

It’s time to convert the intelligent and sedate the bipolar.

Then destroy another nation with a dose of politics.

There’s hope if the plutocrats screw the hippies.

The Democrats need their bills and pills.

The Republicans must have their holy campaign.


And it came to pass, America was overrun with bad goats.

Some were stoned and many were just bipolar.


The East, The West, the whole earth is bipolar.

Global peace is brought to you by Eli Lii’s pills.


Never mind another global crisis  anything can be solved with politics.

So let’s get started.  Please donate to my campaign.



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Occupy Spartanburg

A couple of weeks ago i did a short review on my visit with Occupy Spartanburg. Well, apparently that group still has some major issues. I have been accused of wanting to throw someone out even though i left the group a year ago. Where do they come up with that stuff?

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I think Occupy is doing good things, but please don’t misrepresent what people have said. You really need all the support you can get in a conservative town like Spartanburg.


THE NEXT MEETING of Occupy Spartanburg is scheduled for Thursday, Feb. 21st at 6pm in the side room of Delaney’s.

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Mental Illness issues in America

People are having conversations about our Neanderthal mental health system in bars, political groups, living rooms, and churches.   The cuts to mental health have indeed been devastating. SC went from a “B” to a D in a couple of years as a result of the cuts.  But funding isn’t the only issue. The biggest problem with mental health care in this country is the lack of respect.  Persons with mental illnesses sometimes function better in third world countries, as they are a part of the community. In America Persons with mental illnesses are ostracized, ridiculed and denied equal access to opportunities.  People ask, “Why did the parents not notice? Why did they not get help?”  Obviously, lack of available healthcare is a problem, but the problem is much larger than a lack of services.   Some families may deny their child suffers from a mental illness out of fear of being blamed for the child’s mental illness and stigma.  I don’t know how many times I’ve heard people accuse a person of being a bad parent b/c his or her child suffers from a mental illness.

Lack of education is a huge problem. Even mental health care professionals are not always good at diagnosing and identifying problems. Many children are diagnosed with ADHD and placed on stimulants. Stimulants can make some psychological issues much worse.   Also, the DSM is very limiting in some ways.

I personally believe the brain is like an ecosystem.  Various disorders such as anxiety or attention deficit may be by products of another underlying disorder. Many people are treated and diagnosed with episodic illnesses when they actually suffer from a cyclic illness.   Antidepressants can make cyclic illnesses such as bipolar much worse by triggering mania and rapid cycling.  Subtle symptoms of bipolar are often missed. For example, problems such as insomnia, anxiety and or irritability can be symptoms of hypomania and these symptoms are often missed.    Not all patients with cyclic mood disorders exhibit the high psychotic manias.  I personally think that pain should also be included in the list of DSM symptoms for depression and or mood disorders.

So what is the solution? First, we need more education and advocacy. Most mentally ill people are not violent and even the most severe mental illnesses are treatable. Secondly, we need to work on reducing stigma in our society.  Many people with mental illnesses want to be a part of the community and are capable of becoming functioning members of society with the right treatment and support services.  We also need to examine the way mental illnesses are treated and diagnosed. Mental health clinics have become factories that hand out prescriptions like candy. While medication intervention is often necessary, alternative treatments should also be investigated.

When an art studio for the mentally ill was shut down about five years ago in Spartanburg County, patients and caretakers talked about how the art studio helped prevent hospitalizations.   I also like the philosophy of the New Day Clubhouse where participants are referred to as members instead of patients and all members are encouraged to be an active part of the community.

Mental illness can knock on anyone’s door and doesn’t discriminate.  That is why we need to change our archaic mental health system.  A little compassion, respect, and creativity could go a long way in terms of improving the lives of everyone.

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Hello world!

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Happy blogging!

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